Recent speaking engagements

  • February 2020

    Guest Speaker for top university students Shabbaton. Ohr Somayach Toronto.

    Dear Reb Zale,

    Thank you so much for being our guest speaker at our shabbaton for top university students last weekend. Your talk was truly inspiring and I believe it will empower these young adults to take responsibility for building Jewish families based on Jewish values. You transmitted at powerful message and your comments, insights and stories really resonated with our participants.


    Rabbi Jonathan Jaffit

    Director of Campus Outreach
    Ohr Somayach Toronto

  • January 2020

    Village Shul for APA Aish Professional Association launch event

  • January 2020

    BAYT, Thornhill- keynote address for Momentum Women trip alumna and their families on the directive to and the methodology how to build an authentic Jewish

    We would like to thank Lev To Lev for providing us with the opportunity to have a dynamic guest speaker, Mr. Zale Newman, Friday, January 17, 2020 as we held our first ever NCSY - TJJ for Moms Family Shabbat Dinner.

    TJJ for Moms is a group of women, under the direction of NCSY, who have the opportunity of a lifetime - an eight day trip to Israel with Momentum. The purpose of the trip is for these mothers to reconnect with their Jewish values and to the land of Israel. NCSY continues to develop that connection that began in Israel with the participants and their families once the women return home. To date, we have led six trips, comprised of 80 women overall.

    Mr. Zale Newman was the perfect choice to address and inspire our crowd of 160+ attending - both adults and teens, on “How to Build a Jewish Family”.

    Thank you!

    Hennie Black

    Director of NCSY Jewish Family Experience Community Leader - TJJ for Moms

  • October 2019

    Village Shul Alternative High Holiday service keynote speech

    Dear Zale Newman,

    On behalf of The Village Shul and Aish HaTorah Learning Centre I would like to thank you for delivering several classes, speeches, and education sessions to hundreds of individuals in our community over the High Holidays this year. Your content and delivery really drive home the message of the importance of building strong Jewish families, which is so crucial today.

    Thank you so much again, and we look forward to having you speak to our families and singles again in the near future.

    Rabbi Tzvi Sytner

  • May 2019

    Yeshiva Or Chaim: Mother/son study evening, keynote address

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