Canadian Association for Jewish Family Education & Continuity

Our mission

To help educate, inspire and mentor Jewish husbands, wives and singles on how to build a Jewish family based on Jewish Tradition, values and practices.

What we do

  1. Speakers

    We provide speakers (usually at no charge) for organizations, synagogues and programs to provide critical information and inspiration as to the WHYs and HOWs of building a Jewish Family. Our speakers are extremely well educated and well informed on the traditional Jewish view of the centrality of the Jewish Family as well as the latest trends.

  2. Social media

    It is our intention to spread our message and information via social media platforms to utilize the broadest and most popular communication tools in order to reach beyond our core GTA constituency.

  3. Consulting Services for Jewish Organizations

    We provide consulting services (at no charge) to various organizations as to how to educate and inspire their constituents on matters related to the Jewish family. We often co-sponsor events in order to build a close relationship with other organizations and their constituents. We have provided our services over the past few months to: Aish Professionals Association, SYAS, Yorkville Jewish Centre, Momentum Toronto.

  4. Mentors

    Via our innovative and unique Lev TO Lev service, we offer one on one mentorship to Young Professional and singles ages 23 to 42 who wish to marry and build a Jewish Family, but require assistance in some way.

Our Partners

  • Aish Professionals Association Aish Professionals Association
  • Aish Tor Aish Toronto YP
  • BAS Bnei Akiva Schools
  • BAYT Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto
  • Forest Hill Jewish Centre Forest Hill Jewish Centre
  • Glebe Shul Glebe Shul
  • The House The House
  • JET Jewish Education through Torah
  • JLIC Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus
  • JNF Jewish National Fund
  • Lev TO Lev Lev TO Lev
  • Marriage Minded Mentor Marriage Minded Mentor
  • Momentum Momentum Toronto
  • NCSY Alumni NCSY Alumni
  • Petah Tikva Petah Tikva
  • SYAS Saw You At Sinai
  • Seattle Shadchan Seattle Shadchan
  • Sephardic Kehila Centre Sephardic Kehila Centre
  • Shaarei Shomayim Shaarei Shomayim
  • Shaarei Tefillah Shaarei Tefillah
  • TheJ.CA TheJ.CA
  • Tiferes Alumni Tiferes Alumni
  • The Village Shul The Village Shul Young Professionals
  • Yorkville Jewish Centre Yorkville Jewish Centre
  • YU Connects YU Connects